We’re a small company offering a website development  and hosting in Auckland  New Zealand. We will not take you for a ride, and milk you for every dollar like other companies!  We make friends with our customers and treat them that way, of course we need to make some money, we all do, but we treat our customers with respect! and will not give you anything you don’t need. We offer professional  websites.

There is no middle man at Techno Crusaders Ltd, you will deal with me, Nick Gray the director and website developer and I will help you all the way with your website. I have over 20 years in IT and Programming, so there is nothing we can’t handle. We have a team too, so if you want a fancy design we can do that , online marketing as well, or maybe you need professional content writing. Contact us and we will get you online in no time! Without a leg and an arm.

 Here’s a few websites we have built